Increase Team Growth With These 4 Presentation Skills

presentation skills

I’m excited to share with you how to increase team growth with 4 presentation skills, that are super important to success in Network Marketing!

How do I increase the number of quality and qualified presenters in my organization you ask?  By teaching these 4 presentation skills within your team!

Look, don’t think I’m not a believer in 3rd party presenters because I am!  However, to help your team grow look within your own business…yes, I mean your team 🙂

Furthermore, it wasn’t until my sponsor asked me to step up and do a quick testimonial, in an opportunity meeting, that I understood the power of more presenters with my own organization.  Each time I presented I gained more confidence.  Creating more stability within my organization by repeating the same story over and over was powerful.  Also, I realized that teaching others on my team to present would create the Leverage I want and need to be able to step away and let my organization grow without me. After all, aren’t we wanting freedom?  Freedom in our business comes from duplication and replacing ourselves!

The 4 presentation skills you want to teach your team…

1. How to share their story:

This means that they share the story you have shared repeatedly until they have their own to share.  If your sponsor is not active then tell one of the stories that motivated you.

2.  How to explain the product:

I’m a believer that if your talking you should be..

A) Telling a story

B) Pointing to a tool

C) Playing a video

Let the tools explain the product!

3.  Share the compensation plan:

Find simplicity in showing the money…I personally like to share a video because it’s duplicatable and your prospect will think “hey I can do that”!

4.  Doing a call to action:

People like to know what is next and often need to be told what to do next.  Find what works from your sponsor and simply repeat their call to action.

Team Presenters are critical to your organization!

Why teaching others in your organization to say all the words without you around is a great way to create leveraged growth…

  • Creates stable growth in your organization
  • Creates belief
  • Your team has confidence to spread value on their own
  • Team leverage
  • Joy in dramatic results

In conclusion, start by asking your team “who wants to become a presenter” chances are your going to find a lot of people who would love the opportunity!

Learn how to:  create a Presentation School, such as this top mentor in the Network Marketing Industry teaches…

Don’t forget to share this within your teams to create stability within your organization and help other organizations in the Network Marketing Industry!

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