SMS…Most Powerful of the Marketing Trends for Building Your Business

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SMS Marketing Trends Are Rarely Thought of as One of the Viable Mobile Strategies

More people around the world have access to these simple and effective marketing trends than working toilets…LOL…YES, I’m talking mobile phones and devices for texting!

Also, on a side note…almost everyone takes their phone to the toilet with them!  I am also guilty of that!

Marketing Trends…Upwards of 6 Billion People Have Access To Mobile Phones!

In America alone:

  • 95% of adults have cell phones (millennials prefer texting)
  • Time spent on mobile phones and devices is over 200 minutes a day
  • People look at their mobile phone/device over 150 times a day
  • 200 million people with mobile phones


Because, most people in Network Marketing or other businesses for that matter, channel their attention on these digital marketing trends… 

While these are great Marketing Trends as well, we can’t forget where most people are at any given day and time for that matter…ON MOBILE!  Texting is a smaller but equally, if not the most powerful of the Marketing Trends!

People worldwide send billions of text messages per month!  SMS is available to everyone around the world with a cell phone!

Talk about a powerful opportunity!

Look at these 3 reasons why you should take SMS Marketing Trends serious for building your business

  1. SMS is mobile…super easy to learn
  2. 60% of people/prospects don’t mind a text (if you open with the correct script)
  3. 90% of SMS messages are opened within 3-4 minutes

Let’s face it…SMS is NOT going away!  It’s the best way to get a new rep started and here’s why…

  • The new rep is not afraid of sending a text to friends and family
  • The new rep feels success quickly
  • It’s a duplicatable process

Finally…high open rates of SMS messaging along with read rates, proves that this is the most powerful, widely used Marketing Trends that should be incorporated into your Marketing Strategy!

Click here to pick up your copy of our 3 Step Text Messaging Script to get started with the most powerful Marketing Trends that is here to stay!

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