Human Connection…Building Customer Relations After The Networking

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Are you missing the Human Connection?

Human Connection is the most important thing you can do for your business!  There is a missing link when it comes to the Human Connection & Technology.

“People do business, with people they know like and trust”

Technology saves us time & money, but if your not careful, you’ll lose that Human Connection. This is such an important part of building a list of clients through Networking.

You can network with people everywhere you go.  Relationship building takes time.  I’m not saying a long time.  What I am saying is, every person is different with different trust levels.

Technology allows us to build our relationships quickly thru text, email and of course phone calls…all are important!

However, one of the most important things to ask yourself is, “Will they remember you once you’ve exchanged information?

Here are some things to focus on…

  • Be memorable… Find a way to stand out and be remembered.  Follow up with an email, text or greeting card, saying it was nice to meet you, and don’t forget to put a message about something you remembered about them.  It will surprise them and even more so IMPRESS them.
  • Be easy to get ahold of…Business cards are great but most get round-filed!  Make sure to store their information in your phone, on social media, in your email contacts or better yet a CRM.  However, to make an impact take a quick photo together and send a greeting card with that picture, along with your information and a message that makes them feel as though you care and want to continue a relationship.
  • Be persistent & consistent…Let’s face it, your not the only one in the world in your industry.  So, if your not building a relationship with your client then someone else is.
  • Show you care ASAP… Talk about the things they confided in you, then they will know you actually listened to them. There are always reasons to celebrate your clients if you sincerely look!

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Here are some of our favorite ways to show the people in our business and personal life that we care and we listen…

  1.  Messages on FaceBook
  2.  A quick text (more and more people are loving text)
  3.  Emails  (people get way to many and don’t have time)
  4.  Phone Call
  5.  Greeting Cards

Any one or combination will make an impact.

However…texts & emails get deleted and FaceBook Messages are here today gone tomorrow!


Technology meets Human Connection…

We all know that cell phones are here to stay and that 95% of people have one!  We can text, send emails, post on a FaceBook profile and even send GREETING CARDS…yes, that’s what I said…send Greeting Cards!

3 of my favorite ways to show people I care is…

  1. Phone Calls
  2. Greeting Cards
  3. FaceBook

Any top salesperson in any industry will tell you the power of a greeting card and a personal phone call!

So here are some ways to show you care, especially if you’ve met a prospective client for the first time…

If you run your business from a Smartphone…Here’s a link to a fun, inexpensive and a powerful way to bring back the Human Connection with Technology…Right from a Mobile APP of all things!

Watch how quick and simple it is to send a “Real Printed Greeting Card” from your smartphone…

Send cards and gifts to anyone on the go… Download the Mobile App Now!

Now, if you love working from a computer, no worries!  You can access even more features from a computer.

Follow up & create a loyal fan base with greeting cards!  A greeting card is the most personal, super impressive way to bring back the human connection technology has stolen.

By following up and celebrating your new prospect/client with important dates and achievements in their life, shows that you truly care about the person not just their having their business.

Here are some ideas to get your genius marketing juices flowing…

  • Nice to meet you
  • Thank you for your business
  • Birthday
  • Holiday
  • Thanks for the referral
  • Sympathy
  • Milestones in their life and business

Thanks for visiting our blog.  We look forward to building a great relationship with you…Make sure to pay it forward by sharing this information with those that need to create a Human Connection in their businesses!

Any questions?  Don’t worry, we love to hear from you so leave us a comment below…

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