How to Establish Credibility for Quick Success in Your Home Business

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It’s Important to Establish Credibility in Home Business for Quick Success!

But how do I establish credibility…you ask?

Well, when I first got started with my Home Business, I asked many people (who had credibility)…How do I establish credibility in Network Marketing when I’ve never been involved with it at all?

Here were 2 powerful answers from rock stars in this industry:

  1. Successful results come from activity! ~Tanya Aliza~ Learn blogging skills here!
  2. Investing time and/or money in yourself to be mentored!  (This will drastically shorten the time it takes to establish credibility and influence while getting started in your home business.)

Spring into action, take initiative in your own life and do not wait for permission to find it ~Eric Worre 

As I soon found out, that is exactly the truth!  Start by simply duplicating what your sponsor taught you when they presented to you.  Think about, what inspired you to join Network Marketing and start a Home Business.

Here are some things to remember when you start your activity:

  1. Do what your sponsor did
  2. Utilize your sponsor to help present until you have the presentation down
  3. It’s about the prospect NOT YOU! (Find their pain and offer a solution)
  4. Hang out with those you aspire to be like (you become who you hang out with)
  5. Education, Education, Education

So, lets break these down…

#1.  Do what your sponsor did…Ask yourself, self, what spurred me on to join when I was presented to?  Was it the product, was it the opportunity or maybe the service.  Either way you look at it, your sponsor solved a pain of yours.

#2.  Utilize your sponsor…Hopefully your sponsor wasn’t trying to be a guru when they presented!  The reason you don’t want to be a guru, is because now the person your presenting to thinks it appears scary and/or hard and they don’t believe they can duplicate what you just did!

#3.  It’s NOT about you…Make sure to be a great listener (listen spelled backwards is silent) Remember our success is not in convincing & begging for our own gain.  It’s about you helping the prospect to aspire and achieve the success they want for themselves.  Find their pain point and help them solve it.

#4.  Hang out with people you want to be like…When you hang out with people you aspire to be like, your more likely to become more like them.  It’s kinda like your mom telling you “you are what you eat”

“You become the Average of who you hang out with”   ~Jim Rohn~

#5.  Education, Education, Education…Did I mention EDUCATION!  Don’t wait to start learning from other Network Marketing Pro’s!  Eric Worre taught me that I don’t need to know someone personally for them to be a coach or mentor.

Here are a few ways to invest in yourself and your business and find mentor’s/coaches without even personally knowing or talking to them…

  • Books
  • Seminars
  • Webinar Trainings
  • Blogs
  • Training Courses
  • Recordings
  • Sponsors and Leaders in your company
  • Attend your company events

Success is about changing your thinking, actions, and habits to being who it is you aspire to be!

The more action you take, the more learning you do, the more your establish credibility to influence those you share your product, service and opportunity with, which in turn makes getting quick success easier.

More focus on others, means more influence and credibility you will instantly have 🙂

I hope you got a ton of value from this week’s post & free video training…And if you did, please share the wealth with someone so they can hear this message as well.



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