How to Engage A Prospective Client Not Pitch Your Product Or Opportunity

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Engage Instead of Pitch Up A Prospective Client…

When your prospective client is closed off, it’s much harder to deliver your message when trying to present and make a sale…
While your talking and trying to sell, your prospect is thinking “Uh huh, whats the catch!”  I learned from a guru in the Home Business Industry a simple but effective way of talking to open the mind of the prospective client 🙂
So, how do we open up the mind of a prospective client to the possibility of taking a look, and purchasing our goods from us?
Start by opening their minds with something they would agree with you on because it’s something relatable and believable, such as…
  • I made sufficient money this year, but I want next year to be better.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to fire the boss.
  • We need more time to spend with family.
  • Children are expensive.
  • Life is to short to be doing something I don’t like.
  • Cost of living is so high.

Notice the difference from saying something the prospective client believes and relates to, rather then hitting them with usual…

“Hey I have a great opportunity for you” or “This product is gonna change your life.”

Can you see the difference?  Here is what they say and what happens…

“You know what, I feel that way too!”

Now you have opened the mind of your prospective client.  This works in all sales!

It’s much simpler getting your message across when your prospective client is now self-inspired to look for that same change in his or her life!

Let’s go one better…Your time, effort and more importantly your message is not wasted!

One of my favorite speakers and mentors is Big Al and I want you to learn from him to!   Click this link to further your education! He has served the Network Marketing Industry in a huge way! Love his books and if you ever are able to attend one of his events, I highly recommend it, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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