Human Connection…Building Customer Relations After The Networking

Human Connection, Networking, Building Relationships WithTechnology

Are you missing the Human Connection? Human Connection is the most important thing you can do for your business!  There is a missing link when it comes to the Human Connection & Technology. “People do business, with people they know like and trust” Technology saves us time & money, but if your not careful, you’ll…

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Increase Team Growth With These 4 Presentation Skills

presentation skills

I’m excited to share with you how to increase team growth with 4 presentation skills, that are super important to success in Network Marketing! How do I increase the number of quality and qualified presenters in my organization you ask?  By teaching these 4 presentation skills within your team! Look, don’t think I’m not a…

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Marketing Your Home Business Through Networking Events

Marketing with the Power of Networking Events where most everyone wants to hear what you have and do! Networking events are great way to meet people for Marketing your Home Business! If your not accustomed to attending them, the thought might even cause some anxiety especially for introverts (like myself) or excitement if your an extrovert (like…

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Qualities of a leader and 2 wolves

There is a fight going on inside of you and me…what can 2 wolves teach us about the qualities of a leader? I want to share this quick attitude adjustment trick I learned years ago with you today… Every day we are confronted with questions, objections, challenges and situations that require us to either react…

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MLM Presentation Tips You Need To Know When Your Prospect Says NO

What Do Chickens and MLM Have in Common? Ask yourself this question are you HUNGRY ENOUGH? I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to farm animals so when my sister asked me to take care of her chickens while she went on a week long cruise with her family I thought…hmmm…this will be…

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