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Are you here because you’re looking for a way to make money from home to live life on your terms…well we can certainly appreciate that!

Back in 2005 we were looking for the same thing.  We have built a six figure annual income, with no experience in Network Marketing at all and we can show you how to do the same thing.  In this business you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.  We went through plenty of learning curves that increased our ability to live our Dream Lifestyle of time and financial freedom!

The biggest misconception of Network Marketing is that it will happen over night…try more like over time, and that time is up to you…decide when to start, how much time you want to devote to your cause in developing a full~time living by working part~time.

Click around and check us out to see if we would be great working together in one cause which is, helping one another be successful, and then turning and helping others do the same thing!

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Look at the picture above…Obviously our Brick Mailbox was falling apart and finally in 2014 (below) I did grab my trowel and rebuilt it:-)

From Bricks to Clicks

As masonry contractor Dave Smith left a meeting complex following a Presentation he had made to a group, he looked up at buildings that he had done the brick on several years ago. “They were great looking buildings,” he says. “But I only got paid oncFrom Bricks to Clickse for laying those bricks. And I realized at that time how cool it is to make residual income. “Let me tell you how cool residual income is-and the main reason I have such a great passion for this wonderful profession.” In 2006, Dave’s wife had major surgery and needed a full-time nurse to care for her for several months. Dave provided that care, even though it took him away from his contracting business. “My business was going a little slow…and the bills would come in, but so would the Home Business checks just in time. Every time I needed money a check was in the mail.” There’s another aspect to the Network Marketing Company we partnered with, as important as residual income. When the Smiths were going through a trying time following the surgery, they received hundreds of letters and cards from team members “…that brightened the darkest of days and lifted our spirits. They made us realize what a cool company we are involved with. “This business is the neatest thing in the world,” Dave says. Dave Smith and his wife Lori are Top Leaders in their company, and were awarded Distributor of the Year 2014 by the company, Dave & Lori enjoy helping others create financial goals of their own.

The world is changing fast from Brick and Mortar to Click and Order!

Join the Revolution!!!

Network Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most appealing business models to start a business of your own. We have helped many people just like yourself  figure out how to pick a good company with the right people, products and pay plan even if it’s not the one we partnered with.

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