Work From Home Wealth

Work From Home Wealth


Work From Home Wealth!

 Work From Home…“Wealth is not something you acquire it is something you tap into.”
–Wayne Dyer
Our Ah Ha moment…What is it, how do you achieve it?
 We heard this many, many years ago when we started our Work From Home business…
 “Work From Home wealth is when you start doing something it continues. It doesn’t stop. It keeps flowing even when you stop. If you wonder if you have wealth, stop what you are doing and when your money runs out you will find out how wealthy you are.” –Robert Kiyosaki

 You can get rich…

There are lots of people that get rich, but wealth is not the same as being rich. Wealth is when someone holds on to it once they become rich and when they do slow down or even stop the flow of revenue continues to be consistent. If you want to become wealthy find those that are wealthy, find out what they are doing or what they did to get there and then apply those principles and develop the habits that make those principles work.
 How can you tell if you are following someone who is just rich or you are tapped into someone who is wealthy or they are on their way to wealth because they have tapped into the wealth building concepts? There are many who are on their way to becoming rich, but there are a few that will truly create wealth.
First let’s define what kind of wealth we are talking about so we are clear. There is physical wealth, mental wealth, and spiritual wealth, wealth in posterity, etc. What I am talking about here is Work From Home financial wealth. Here are a few definitions and thoughts I have pondered and have started to understand as I have sot wealth…

“A big part of Wealth is when you can do what you want, when you want and with whom you want.”
–Warren Buffet

And we would add WHERE EVER YOU WANT!

3 must have’s  to become wealthy…

1) You have to create it in your mind first. In order to do that you have to have clear mindset or understanding of what wealth is.

2) You have to focus on “leverage” of either time or money. Walking away from something and it continuing without you is wealth. If you personally have to be the one in the mix all the time and things can’t run with out you, you have no wealth at all.

3) You have to evaluate on a regular basis if your income now is the type of income that will grow with out you.

Ask yourself these questions as you build for wealth…

*Do I really have a grasp on wealth?

*Do I understand in my mind what it is?

*Am I replacing myself or do I have to be the center of my business?

Furthermore, Work From Home makes me the CEO of my own company (Which everyone of us are)… and should believe we are, starting with the top all the way down to the janitor who cleans the shop at the end of the day.

As you  build your business are the things you are doing empowering others to believe they are the CEO of their own company?

*If I stop being the CEO would my business stop?

*Can I walk away?

*Am I constantly looking for the people to replace myself or do I want to be the issue, the hero, the one people talk about?

*Am I the issue or do I make others the issue?

*Is my phone always ringing?

*What would happen to my business, if I stopped answering It?

*Do I have to be at every meeting?

*What would happen to my business if I never showed up again?

“The only way can achieve wealth is through leverage. You have to leverage your time or your money in order to create it.”
–David Pringree

Consequently, what you should be thinking about is; Are you building your Work From Home business to be rich or wealthy.

If the 3 things we numbered above are permanently with you in mind, body and spirit, and you apply the wealth building principles you have no choice, but to become wealthy because you understand what wealth is, how to create it and you follow the formula on how to make it happen.

Wealth asks… “Have I done the things I need to do today to build the wealth I need to walk away!”

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If you are excited about what you learned here today, then pay it forward and help those that you know need to hear this by sharing with your team and/or fence sitters!


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