A Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Home Business

Has your up-line told you “it’s a waste of time to use social media” as a Marketing Strategy to grow your home business?

THAT IS AN OLD SCHOOL MARKETING STRATEGY!!!  That’s what I have to say about that!!!  LOL

First let me make one thing clear…I have and always will believe in the Old School Marketing Strategy method by starting with your warm market.  It’s the best way to get started and to get a team mate started with quick success.

But with that said here’s why you shouldn’t rule out social media?

So why use a social media Marketing Strategy. 1.5 billion people visit Facebook pretty much daily. It only makes sense to capitalize on social media, right?

Here are the steps to get you started, and it’s really not that complicated.  These steps can be used for the 3 different types of prospects you’ll be showing your Home Business to…

  1. Warm (people you know)
  2. Luke Warm (people you know of and know of you but not personally)
  3. Cold Markets (people you don’t know at all)

Before I give you the how, let’s lay down the law on the DON’T DO’S!

  • Don’t send any business links or information via a message
  • Don’t send any links in your 1st message
  • Don’t send any links ever period!
  • Don’t tell them what it is

And if you have been just STOP IMMEDIATELY!  🙂

Start with finding a group and people in it that you relate to and before you kick up conversation with them do this…

  • Find and research the person before you message them.
  • Make sure it’s someone you want to work with or have as a customer
  • Learn about what they currently do
  • Find out where they live

This only takes a few minutes and any of these things can be used to find something you have in common, which helps to find something to strike up a conversation!

So here are 3 goals of the messages that you will use step by step and remember you don’t send the 2nd or 3rd message until they have answered the message prior…

Message #1…Strike up a conversation by using the information that you found you had in common.  That will encourage them to interact with you.

  • This could be something about where they live, what they currently do or hobby or subject they like…

Message #2…Get them to let you know if they are open and want more information.

  • Such as “I’m expanding in your area with a business project.  If it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing would you want to take a look at a side income project?”

Message #3…Get and Schedule an appointment time either over the phone or webinar to present your opportunity.

  • It’s important to remember that taking them out of the chat box and into a personal phone call and or webinar is very important the close does not happen over your chat on social media.


If they ask what it is…

  • It’s really quite visual and it would be impossible for me to convey the right information via this chat, do you have a couple days that would work to connect this week?

Confirm your appointment…

  • Re-affirm with them before you get off the phone that you have penciled them in and that you assume they are punctual with their appointments. Let them know that you look forward to connecting soon.

Should you decide to use a social media Marketing Strategy like this, I would love for you to share your results by commenting below or on our Dave and Lori Smith Facebook page 🙂 





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